Thank you to all of you who supported the 3 Chord Orchestra and the Big Dumb Show.

A huge thanks to the venues as well that welcomed us time and time again.

Though the 3 Chord Orchestra has disbanded Don, Tim and Donnie continue to rock on. Please show your support for them. Because of extenuating circumstances Nicole stepped out of the band to allow the guys to continue to play together under a required different name.

Gonzo Greg's BIG DUMB SHOW may not be on the radio here in Indianapolis but you CAN still show support for his show. is still up and running and producing PODCASTS! You can subscribe to Gonzo's Big Dumb Show Podcast's FOR FREE. Podcasts are NOT for use soley by iPod owners. There is free software from iTunes for both PC and MAC to access the Podcasts. PLUS there is new software, FREE, to allow people with mobile phones to download the Podcasts straight to their cell!

Please visit and show your support. Download Podcasts and BLOG your brains out! Also please visit REAL ALTERNATIVE

- Webmistress Nicole