Don Stuck - Guitar & Crown
When not looking for seasonal work, Don Stuck has spent much of the pass 25 years playing guitar in rock bands of some form of another. Classic Rock, New Rock, Blues and EVEN an occasional Bluegrass gig on BANJO. Banjo credits include Oleander, AND The Fuglees. Once in the early 90's Don preformed Lynard Skynards "Gimme Three Steps" SO WELL that a guy in the bar DIED!
Over the years the accolades have piled up: guy from Greenwood says:  "He doesn't look like much but he sure can play!" Sound guy from Lebanon (Indiana) says:  "I've never seen someone SO drunk still play!" Eight chicks from Kokomo (Indiana) say:  "He's a dick."  Don Stuck says:  "There's not a washed up classic rock band I haven't opened for...COME SEE FOR YOURSELF!"

Nicole Padberg - Lead Vocals   Don't call me a lady cause I'm not. 'Lady' is a term men invented for submissive females - something I'm not - I'm a woman and women can rock! Just watch me! Unless ofcourse, you'd rather watch Don...that's not gay at all...

They say in showbiz you gotta pay your dues, and Nicole has. Before landing in Indy Nicole did extra work on Baywatch in the very blurred background behind Pam Anderson on the beaches of Malibu. She’s also worked in “Fabulous Las Vegas” as non other than a Madonna impersonator
- and not in one of those cheesy lip-sync acts either mind you. She earned her pay by actually singing and dancing at the same time which is a hell of a lot more than Britney can claim! Nicole now sings for 3C0, works on the Big Dumb Show’s website, sometimes reads traffic on the air when Don is on vacation and drums up an occasional swim suit modeling gig – but remember this, SHE DOESN’T GET OUT OF BED FOR LESS THAN $25!

And if you don't believe me about that Madonna thing, just go to

Tim ' Bass Daddy' Messersmith - Bass, Vocals

I had a very cool gig, in a Very Good Blues Band, making good money playing cool venues. Then I made a STUPID BET with Stuck, and lost, now I'm back in the band with him. Whatta You Gonna Do? STUPID BET !

Donnie Studer - Drums, Vocals

Somewhere around age 5, Don began his musical career by pounding on coffee cans in his bedroom. Using his keen insight into the music industry, he realized the steps he must take to propel himself to stardom... so he covered his Maxwell House drum kit in aluminum foil to make them look really COOL. His Rock n' Roll journey had begun. After destroying several toy drum kits, he got his first real kit around age 12 and has been playing in bands every since. He strayed from his drumming roots to come out front and sing in a few different bands as well as dabbling in guitar and keyboards. Then he heard a voice in his head. (He often hears voices) It told him to go back to drumming and play for 3CO. So here he is.

Gonzo Greg - Master of Ceremonies

"What the hell am I doing on this website!?
I told you not to drag me into this thing, Don!"

IF anyone cares, he's the DJ voice in the beginning of Judas Priest's Painkiller video.